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      NEW international partner

      Author:襄陽軸承   Date:2023-5-17 9:54:38  Clicks:1656

          On the afternoon of May 16th, the Chairman of ZXY Gao Shaobing, and the General Manager of W Company jointly signed a cooperation agreement, marking the official implementation stage of the cooperation between Xiangyang Bearing and W Company

          This cooperation is a strong alliance, which is conducive to fully leveraging each other's advantages, achieving resource sharing and complementary advantages. It is also conducive to the development of transmission shaft products and other bearing products in the international market, especially in the American and European markets, and to the adjustment of the company's product structure and market structure. Both parties will use this signing as a starting point to consolidate and deepen their cooperative relationship, and help Xiangxiang, especially the transmission technology company, achieve rapid development.